Mobile Web Sites and QR Codes

Websites designs to fit your smartphone or tablet!

When visiting a website on a mobile device, it can be very slow to load and appear so small that it is difficult to view without zooming in. When you zoom in the site will not fit into the screen and requires a great amount of scrolling just to view it.

Due to the high influx of mobile internet use today and the problems of accessing and viewing websites easily on mobile devices, SWS TC Inc. designs and develops mobile websites to compliment your desktop website.

Don't think a mobile site is neccessary? Take this into consideration:

  1. There are approximately 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide
  2. Mobile devices account for 8.49 percent of global website hits.
  3. Over the last 2 years, mobile web traffic in North America has increased by 69%
  4. One Half of all local searches are preformed on mobile devices